Among the vibrant colors of the Valle Roveto, in the enchanting and peaceful mountain village, Civita d’Antino (904m a.s.l.), Restaurant Winery Antica Osteria Zahrtmann offers a convivial atmosphere in which the agricultural and pastoral traditions of Abruzzo are revived and celebrated. In its name, the “Antica Osteria Zahrtmann” pays homage to the memory of the illustrious Danish painter, Kristian Zahrtmann, who toward the end of the 19th century (1877-1915) chose Civita d’Antino, “in the bright, sunlit days”, as his preferred location for artistic inspiration. A quaint restaurant and wine-tasting shop with a relaxing and pleasant ambiance (soft lighting, antique fireplace, vaulted ceilings, antique wine barrels and natural wood furnishings), Antica Osteria Zahrtmann is the ideal setting in which to spend a peaceful evening among friends or a weekend, or to relive the ritual Sunday meal or festive occasion, surrounded by history, unspoiled nature and breathtaking scenery. Fine food and wine, strolls through the narrow streets of the historic center or a delightful trek to the nearby hermitage Madonna della Ritornata make Civita d’Antino a distinctive experience (material is available on the heritage of Civita d’Antino, hiking, and mountain bike excursions). Antica Osteria Zahrtmann arranges personalized banquets, food and wine tastings, and cultural and private dinings events.

Local cuisine specializing in traditional dishes grounded in the changing seasons and typical Abruzzese specialties from bygone days. Ravioli made with fresh ricotta, fettuccine, pasta “alla chitarra”, bread and homemade desserts. Gourmet selection of cheeses, ricotta, fresh cold cuts, choice meats and typical products from the Roveto Valley. Specialty codfish-based sampler menu. Antica Osteria Zahrtmann embraces Slow Food’s presidium projects and sustainable biodiversity, and showcases vegetarian dishes, organic and prize-winning cheeses, biodynamic wines and a selection of extra virgin olive oils. Nobile and characteristic wines from the Abruzzo region, wine shop, artisanal beers (Reservations required)

Not to forget Zahrtmann and the Scandinavian Painters in Civita d’Antino 1877-1915 At the end of the nineteenth century, in the wake of the Grand Tour , Kristian Zahrtmann had ventured in the less known Italy, Abruzzo, reaching a small village on the mountains, Civita d’Antino, wich became the summer seat of his art school. The relationship of friendship between the Danish painter and the population originated a strong creative season which influenced Scandinavian art and culminated in the exhibition held at the Kustforeningen in Copenhagen. The site opens a view over that extraordinary season by testimonies, images, documents and reflections, between the past and the present, so as not to forget Zahrtmann and the Scandinavian painters and to break the agelong oblivion which wraps Civita d’Antino since the earthquake in 1915. The initiative is promoted by friends of Civita d’Antino spread in Italy and abroad, united in the interest in recovery and enhancement of those plots of European culture, which in past times characterized the everyday life of the ancient country in the Roveto Valley.